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    Tools to track chores, shopping lists, and bills with the option to share tasks and expenses with your roommates.

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    A free property management system with most of the data entry being done by your tenants, rather than you.

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    Quickly send accouncements to one or all of your tenants

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    2350 Nw 54th St, Miami, FL, USA 1390 Nw 24th Ave, Miami, FL, USA 2020 Nw 63rd St, Miami, FL, USA 618 Sw 2nd St, Miami, FL, USA 1759 Sw 5th St, Miami, FL, USA 3031 Nw 19th Ave, Miami, FL, USA

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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Miami

about 10 hours ago

‘You lit her on fire!’ Judge scolds man who torched girlfriend to death : A Miami man pleaded guilty Monday to torching his girlfriend to death, but continued to insist “she pushed me to do something like that.” That prompted an extraordinary exchange between Jesus Alvarez, 49, and an incredulous judge. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t mean to do this,” Alvarez said.... Full Article
Local news from Sun Sentinel
about 3 hours ago

‘Rain is kryptonite to Miami drivers.’ There’s no saving us from stupidity on the road : Miami, you were warned. For days, TV forecasters breathlessly told us we were finally going to get some much-needed rain. They didn’t candy coat the warnings, either — that one … Click to Continue » Full Article
Local news from Miami Herald
about 5 hours ago

'Queer Miami' exhibit looks at South Florida's LGBTQ community over the past 100 years : The first thing you notice when walking into the new “Queer Miami” exhibit are voices. They echo in the background — and all around — and they become clearer as you stroll deeper inside the HistoryMiami Museum in downtown Miami. They are voices of transgender performers talking about their craft.... Full Article
Local news from Sun Sentinel
about 7 hours ago

Broward Sheriff's Office Must Pay $185,000 to Woman Beaten by Jail Guards : The jailhouse surveillance video clearly shows the deputy violently wrenching inmate Audra West up out of a chair, throwing her around the room, and dragging her into a strip-search room. Other female deputies then run into the room with the door shutting behind them. West says that inside the room,... Full Article
Local news from Miami New Times
18 minutes ago

There could be no other reason. : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Miami)
about 2 hours ago

Newly released police bodycam video shows why Miami-Dade cop was suspended : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Miami)
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