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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Mission Viejo

2 days ago

Where to Watch an Outdoor Concert or Movie in O.C. : While theaters and concert venues remain closed, outdoor and drive-in events are being held across Orange County so that summer fun can continue from a safe distance. The post Where to Watch an Outdoor Concert or Movie in O.C. appeared first on Orange Coast Magazine. Full Article
Local news from Orange Coast
about 11 hours ago

Relocate to to OC : Have a an opportunity to transfer to the OC for work from the Northern VA area. I work in tech. Been eyeing Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, RSM areas since I have a young family. Coming from the Ashburn area in NoVA. Excited about living closer to the ocean and being around a little more diversity. Originally from the West Coast, so excited about going back. Would you recommend those neighborhoods I mentioned? Any other neighborhoods to take a look at? Will be working in Irvine. submitted by /u/larsfandom [link] [comments] Full Article
33 minutes ago

What grocery stores have coffee grinders inside? : I believe Whole Foods in Irvine does, but not too sure. Hoping to stick to north county, in the Santa Ana/Tustin area. submitted by /u/eddie5597 [link] [comments] Full Article
21 minutes ago

Best keg rentals in OC? : Getting a kegerator but not sure what places have a good beer selection. Anyone know any breweries or liquor stores that have a good keg selection? Also I don't know why the flair automatically chooses politics when I chose something different submitted by /u/RiskyDINGO [link] [comments] Full Article
about 1 hour ago

Stray cats : So my neighbors have been feeding stray cats for about a year now. Before it wasn’t bad, but it went from one cat, to about 7 cats. They constantly poop in our yard. My dog and our neighbors dogs have fleas because of this. Recently we found more 3 more kittens roaming about. Is there a solution to this? Is it a crime? Can I call the police? Help please submitted by /u/Mightyfire921 [link] [comments] Full Article
about 7 hours ago

What are some definite things you know if you are a "OG" in Orange County? : submitted by /u/discocrisco [link] [comments] Full Article