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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Oxnard

about 14 hours ago

Meanwhile at the Ventura courthouse... : submitted by /u/CircuitCat [link] [comments] Full Article
about 12 hours ago

Any particular entry level jobs or fields you guys would recommend in the county that pay decent? : I don't expect to find entry level making $20 an hour but any job fields you guys know of in Oxnard or Ventura that don't require degrees or special licenses? Maybe any particular companies or industries? Of course if I'm ever to move I'll need a job that pays well and sadly I have no degree or very many qualifications. Thanks all! submitted by /u/Bored-Imp [link] [comments] Full Article
1 day ago

Looking to buy a bike : Hello, I am looking to buy a adult smallish bike. I have a budget of 60- 80 dollars. If you have a working bike you'd like to sell, please comment or dm. submitted by /u/sayabaya [link] [comments] Full Article
2 days ago

Beat place to buy furniture? : Just moved into my own apartment and am looking for shops or resources around here that offer good furniture for an affordable price! Mainly looking for a couch, coffee table, tv stand, etc. but honestly any furniture store recommendations are great because im on the look out for anything haha! Edit: messed up my title ugh. Looking for the BEST place submitted by /u/originalorangutan [link] [comments] Full Article
1 day ago

Letter of currently 9 Requests tht would go a LONG way to furnish security & transparency for us, the people. How are they? No WAY do I want this time of crisis to not result in positive changes for us! : Dear [politician], I’m HIGHLY concerned that us residents are still in danger from both heavy COVID-19 viral loads and from abusive police officers. We need long-term reforms that both empower residents to reduce their own exposure to COVID-19, and make police officers MUCH more accountable

...read more
Full Article
7 days ago

First time on a hike since February. Went up the Hummingbird Trail at Rocky Peak and looked back at Happy Face Hill : submitted by /u/RABlackAuthor [link] [comments] Full Article