Saint Augustine

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15 days ago

Bachelor party this weekend : Ahhh yes, the time has come.. myself along with 9 others have a house downtown for the weekend for a bachelor party, I know.. I’ve heard St. Augustine isn’t the ideal place for a bachelor party, but we are going to make the best of it. We’re golfing Friday, but looking for the best bars/night clubs/sports bars to watch games this weekend. Somewhere we can maybe play some darts and listen to some music/dance lol. So,... can you guys help me out. Let me know the best spots to go! Thanks! Full Article
11 days ago

PSA. Tacos My Blessing is awesome : I am originally from Louisville and I just moved to St. Augustine a few months ago. Surprisingly, Louisville KY has a fire Authentic Mexican scene. I went down to Tacos my Blessing today and all I have to say is wow. The steak burrito tasted just as good, if not better, as the food from Louisville. Worth it. Kind of hard to find, but a gem! Full Article
14 days ago

Buyer beware. Looking for this little gem. I have its targeting laser. PM if you want the missing part. : Full Article
8 days ago

Visiting for a week with my SO : Hi there, the title gives it away easily. Basically, I’m visiting during the last week of December and I’ve already got a few things in mind (Night of Lights, Ghost tour in the lighthouse, pirate museum, Ripley’s, etc), but I’d like some more ideas to pad it out. Full Article
6 days ago

Pit seating at the amphitheater? : Hi! i’m going to a concert friday night at the amphitheater and i have pit seats. I was wondering if anyone knew from experience like how early i should show up etc to ger barricade? Full Article
7 days ago

Socialist groups in St. Aug? : Hello! I'm a very recent transplant to St. Augustine and I moved from somewhere... let's just say *significantly* more politically progressive. I'm wondering if there are any active socialist groups in town (this makes me sound like a cop, I realize), or even a DSA? I know these things exist in Jacksonville, but am wondering if there might be something closer to home. Thanks for any guidance, and I do recognize that this may not be a particularly welcome question in this neck of the woods. Full Article