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9 months ago

My landlord is harassing. Telling me I need to pay for the plumbing problems I just moved in 17 days ago. He keeps wanting to go in the duplex on the time.
Renter in Lawrence, KS, USA
This app does have features to log your issues or problematic of your rental unit. Also please refer to below link that might help.
Renter in Kansas, KS, USA

about 9 hours ago

Missing person in Overland Park : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kansascity)
about 11 hours ago

Local group ensures Civil War Union vets’ graves honored for Memorial Day : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kansas)
about 7 hours ago

Tattoo recommendations : I’ve been wanting a certain tattoo for years and and just now getting around to doing it. The only tattoos I’ve gotten have been in KC and weren’t done great. I’m looking for someone in Lawrence or even within like 45 min drive of Lawrence but someone who does fine lines or florals. I also don’t have the concept drawn out so I’m hoping you guys will have recommendations on someone who is great to create with and is good at floral and fine lines. I’ve been saving up so money isn’t a big issue either. Just looking for some direction!! Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Lawrence)
about 7 hours ago

Taps across America - at 3pm on Memorial Day, you may be able to hear Taps playing outside people’s homes : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kansascity)
about 8 hours ago

Free COVID Testing at Silverstein Eye Arena 5/26 to 5/30 : Register at or call 877 435 8411. No symptoms necessary. It will be drive through but you have to register first. Tell everyone you know. Hours will be 7am to 7pm. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kansascity)