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about 1 hour ago

Bus riders of GR should know they're upping the fair and removing the no-fair zone and will no longer be giving change. : You read it in the title, story goes come August 1st they will be removing the no-fair zone on the Silverline, raising the fair, and NOT OFFERING CHANGE. The first two things are basically jerk moves but I have no idea how that last thing is even legal. Sounds like a grift on the poor to me. So yeah, this change has already been decided upon with basically no insight from or more
Full Article
about 19 hours ago

Purchased a used car : I recently purchased a car and need to transfer the title and get the plate and tag. The SoS has a wait time until the middle of September to schedule a appointment. Does anyone know what the rules are being the only way is by appointment through the SoS. Can you have your proof of insurance, buyers title, and the schedule time of the SoS appointment to avoid getting ticketed for no plate and reg? Full Article
about 6 hours ago

Coin Shortage & Laundry : Hi, I live in heritage hill & have too use a coin operated washer & dryer provided by our landlord for his rental units. This coin shortage is making it impossible too find quarters & do laundry. Hopefully the Mint catches back up cause I need clean clothes. Full Article
about 6 hours ago

Anyone have any Recommendations for an outdoor wedding venue : Near GR but not in the city Full Article
about 3 hours ago

Can drives? : With the can returns being shut down for a few months, I have about 10 bags of cans that need to be returned. At at this point I just want to get rid of them, I don't care about losing the deposit. Before I just recycle them, are there any can drives going on? I'd love to support a youth group if I have multiple options, but I'm not going to be picky. Full Article
about 15 hours ago

Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids Update : Full Article