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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Staunton

about 1 month ago

They don't even advocate for tenants. Rude to you. Living in a bird Mite infested house and they are looking the other way completely.
Renter in Staunton, VA, USA
27 days ago

Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can sell a 1962 Lane Cedar Chest? Still has tags and in good shape.
Renter in Roanoke, VA, USA
about 18 hours ago

Do you hear the people signal support for bus lanes? : Fifty-six percent of Washington area residents think it’s a good idea to change some lanes on the roads into bus-only lanes at rush hour, according to a poll released Friday by the Washington Post. For DC residents, there was even stronger support, with 66%. Over half of people in Maryland and Virginia suburbs also said yes to the idea. GGWash and other advocates have been pushing for bus lanes for many years. The Bus Transformation Proje more
Full Article
about 14 hours ago

Looking for a new job : Hey guys! I'm pretty burnt out on my job as of late. I moved to Roanoke last year for a job in banking that I can't stand anymore. The job itself is fine, it pays decently, and I love my coworkers, but the clientele is absolutely dreadful. I've worked customer service at every job prior to this one but have never dealt with people this bad. I'm also looking for something active and more physically demanding. My last job helped get me back and shape but I've lost a ton of more
Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Roanoke)
about 16 hours ago

Virginia Tech Graduation BEAMER NATION!!! : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Virginia)
about 17 hours ago

Best driving schools? : My girlfriend is from India and never had her driver's license because she just ubered everywhere. She finally got her learner's this past weekend, so she needs somebody who can teach her how to drive, because I've realized I am not that person. I found through previous threads that Metropolitan and AllWise are good schools but I was wondering if there's anywhere else she should consider. She definitely needs somewhere that'll not just put her through a week long course. I have a feeling she will need a lot more than that. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Rva)