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about 3 hours ago

Is the tap water, specifically in the downtown Vancouver (Arnada Park) area safe to drink? Neighbor mentioned unsafe iron levels. : Just recently moved to the area, and I had an older neighbor let me know that tap water needs to be filtered because of the high amounts of iron. Any truth to this? Or have I been bamboozled. We have some pets, and I just want to make sure I am not hurting them at all by giving them unfiltered tap water. Full Article
about 9 hours ago

Places to stay whilst living in one's car? : I remember seeing a post on here about spots/parking lots that were opened up for people living in their cars so that people could have access to bathrooms etc. while everything was closed down. I can't find the post though, and I was wondering if those places are still open and where I could find them? Full Article
about 7 hours ago

Bulk/Specialty Flour : I'm looking for a wider selection of flour than what Fred Meyer sells. Such as Type 00 flour and 50lb bags of unbleached. A few other odds and ends like Wheat Bran and specialty grains. Does anyone have a lead on a bread baker's shopping paradise? Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good mechanic? : I drive a 2011 Avalon, it died on my Friday and I took it to gaynors just because it was the closest place. I can’t stand that place, and as someone who hasn’t lived in the area all that long does anyone have someone or somewhere they really prefer? Full Article
about 6 hours ago

Picture of the Day: Vancouver from the other side of the river. Full Article
2 days ago

360 tour of Vancouver Waterfront, today. Full Article