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about 5 hours ago

This is how warm it is in the house : Full Article
about 9 hours ago

Will I be ok in St John's city as international student? : I am planning to study in Memorial university after Pendamic. I am turban wearing sikh guy from India. Are locals there accepting of immigrants? How much racism I will face here in NL? Full Article
about 11 hours ago

Skeet crime - what can be done? : It really seems like petty skeet crime is out of control lately. I've had a few things stolen in the last few months along with some neighbors, and I see it on Facebook a lot more often now. I called the cops and they basically said "unless you have evidence we won't do anything". Is there anything we can do as a community to reduce this? Put pressure on RNC to increase patrols? Increase social assistance and drug counselling programs? Full Article
about 16 hours ago

3 Newfoundland boys made a comically edited video about Burnt Cove’s Pee Pee Island : Full Article
about 11 hours ago

COVID-19 - Press Briefing Summary (Aug 12) : Quick Breakdown: Total Cases: 268 (0) Hospitalized: 0 (0) Intensive Care: 0 (0) Recovered: 263 (0) Deaths: 3 (0) Active: 2 (0) Total Tested: 27668 (+289) Total Cases by Region: Eastern: 247 (0) Central: 11 (0) Western: 4 (0) Labrador-Grenfell: 6 (0) Source: Provincial Press Briefing Data and charts available in this Google Sheet: more
Full Article
1 day ago

Thinking of switching to Teksavvy : I'm currently thinking of switching to Teksavvy. I'm moving to an area of Mt Pearl that doesn't have FibreOp available. For $68 I can get 150MB unlimited downloads. Is anybody here using Teksavvy? If so, how is their service and support? Also, did you use their modem/router or bring your own? I'm curious to know if the $160 to purchase it is worth it or should I buy my own. Any IT people around to weigh in on that? Thanks! Full Article