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about 1 month ago

I rented the place through the internet and believed the statement from the landlord where he said the size would be at least the size of a hotel room but when we got there and saw the place it was too small and less than 200 square feet. When we showed how upset we were the landlord told us to leave and never gave us access to the property. He then withheld the security deposit and the first month's rent that we had already paid. Is he allowed to do that?
Renter in Savannah, GA, USA
Returning Security Deposit
about 1 hour ago

Things to do in Athens. : Hello, I'm going to Athens next month and I was wondering about anything the locals would recommend for me and my partner to do, we're interested in the obvious stuff, history and food. What would a local have me do? Were also looking to go into the country side, if possible, is there any easy way to do this with public transport? Thanks in advance. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Athens)
about 11 hours ago

State Guard : Hey If any of y'all know anything about the State Guard pls tell me. I'm very interested in joining in a few years(after college) but I can't find much info on it. Like what the work is like, jobs, structure, ect. Anyways thanks in advance. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Georgia)
about 5 hours ago

Looking for an Atlanta restaurant workers subreddit...? : I have some questions about liquor license specifications/violations. Can someone point me in the direction of a subreddit or forum that might be able to help me out? Or if you are familiar on topic shoot me a private message, I would greatly appreciate some insight. Thanks everyone! F.I.L.A. <3 Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Atlanta)
about 5 hours ago

Memorial Day weekend trip - need recommendations! : Like the title says, my friend and I are going to be in the city the whole weekend, we are staying near centennial park. We got city passes but is there anything you’d recommend we do outside that? Also, very open to restaurant recommendations under $35 a person! Best barbecue? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Atlanta)
about 17 hours ago

Are there any bars/restaurants/places to visit in Savannah that have a positive socially-responsible goal or message? : My friends and I are going to Savannah in a few weeks. Every time we visit a city, we try to visit at least 1 local place that has a good community message. That way we can donate and support those companies instead of exclusively throwing all of our money at tourist traps. Usually it is pretty easy to find them in major cities, but I'm struggling a bit to find one in Savannah

...read more
Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Savannah)