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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Nevada

12 months ago

This is one of the worst areas of town to live in. Expect cock roaches and bed bugs as roommates, no matter how clean you are. The apartments are a decent price, however they hire untrustworthy ex-cons to watch over the place and protect their residents. One security guard in particular sexually harasses the female tenants, using his tenure and authority to take advantage whenever possible. Property management is not friendly. Because the management is corrupt, there are too many evictions. Former 2018 through 2019 tenant who experienced all of the above.
Renter in Las Vegas, NV, USA
3 months ago

First Class Realty is unrealistic and some of their practices must be illegal . Check Yelp reviews for further proof . We rented a small house at 235.w. Atlantic ave for 925 a month plus 20 for trash . Built in1946 this small 2 bdr 1 bath home has only window units for heat and air . The orginial shower enclosure was in place in bathroom .Fragile as an eggshell you could see places it had been glued and painted over. Upon move out she is wanting to bill me for a new one . The house is also not e

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Renter in Henderson, NV, USA
30 days ago

Nimfa D. Croom is the exact definition of the term "Slum Lord" to the fullest. The substandard way she expects someone to live in while paying her an obscene amount of rent is plain insane. Request a necessary repair and she'll threaten you and then will follow through with an eviction. If she does make an attempt at a repair she'll send one of her tweeked out workers come to do it which means its not done correctly and only 1/2 ass if your lucky cuz they never seem to know what their doing!!!!
Renter in Sparks, NV, USA
about 4 hours ago

Nevada Statewide: 9150 people tested, 738 positive tests, 14 deaths as of 6pm on March 28. : Nevada Covid-19 health response dashboard Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Reno)
9 months ago

Guy runs a red light in front of a cop in front of me ... idiot : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Vegas)
about 1 hour ago

Local news from Reddit (Reno)