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    Rent and Lease

    Handle issues with rent, pet rules, security deposits, parking, and extra fees.

    Find Housing

    Tools and info to help if you're being denied housing, learn about the history of an apt before moving there, and more.

    Your Community

    Local news and info to help handle bad neighbors or loud construction.

    Maintenance and Repairs

    Your options to get faster fixes from your landlord.

    Eviction and Harassment

    What to do if your landlord is trying to kick you out or is acting inappropriately.

    Manage Your Home

    Tools to track chores, shopping lists, and bills with the option to share tasks and expenses with your roommates.

Property Management
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    Maintenance Tracking

    A free property management system with most of the data entry being done by your tenants, rather than you.

    Tenant Screening

    Screen problem tenants and learn the valid legal reasons to deny tenants

    Legal Compliance Help

    Learn the laws applicable to each apartment

    Notify Tenants

    Quickly send accouncements to one or all of your tenants

Apartment History Reports
Discover the history of your apartment, based on public data, guestbook entries, and more.

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    1807 Meadowgrove Ln, Frederick, MD, USA 217 Phebus Ave, Frederick, MD, USA 114 W Fifth St, Frederick, MD, USA 204 Ashfield Ct, Frederick, MD, USA 208 Thomas Ave, Frederick, MD, USA 613 Mary St, Frederick, MD, USA

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