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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Leesburg

2 days ago

I-270 exit ramp in Frederick to be closed for weeks : Full Article
6 days ago

Explosion? : Heard a boom or explosion at 11:40 tonight. Did anyone else hear it? Anyone know what happened? Full Article
about 16 hours ago

Free Machine Learning talk at FITCI (118 N Market St) downtown tomorrow evening! Full Article
1 day ago

Just moved downtown and everybody is trying to throw down in a fight?!? : I don't even know what to say. Just walking home last night past Olde town and these crazies were going at it. Tried to diffuse the situation and they were ready to go! And even tonight in front of bushwallers! I'm a chill dude just trying to hang and talk with people... having a good time with them then they want to throw punches. I'm a bigger dude so maybe it's that. Idk just venting. I learned though walk on the other side of crazies Full Article
3 days ago

Reddit meetup? : Should we plan a Reddit meetup soon? ​ I feel like there hasn't been one for ages. Full Article
2 days ago

Anyone work at AOPA? : I work at the airport currently but looking at other jobs in the community that will fit my schedule better so I can finish my degree. AOPA currently has quite a few intern positions available and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Full Article