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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Georgetown

3 months ago

I dont know where to start, there was no heat all winter because the gas company refused to deliver & set up propane tanks because the land lord/owner didnt & would not replace the copper gas lines that were missing or damaged by time & weather. Move in Dec 11th 2019 today is 5/17/20 and never had heat other than the 8 space heaters we used. We pay for electricity..ect so with the space heater usage our electricity bill was close to $900 a month. When I was finally fed up and called more
Renter in Racine, OH, USA
4 months ago

I'm renting from my brother in law with my husband. My landlord does not think the laws of landlord tenant business applies to him. He comes in and out of my apartment without notice or even knocking all the time his wife goes in our apartment when we are not home I've caught her asked her what she was doing she stated checking on things. Threatened eviction process over he said she said gossip has let people into our apartment that don't reside there without permission. Lives below us harassme more
Renter in Canton, OH, USA
4 months ago

Renting from brother in law and he believes the tenant landlord laws do not apply to him walks in whenever and into my bedroom harrasses us with eviction over gossip spreads are info on Facebook and people make threats and call names in the comments has had bed bugs in his place for over a year now there coming into my apartment ruining new furniture I have still won't do anything gets estimates on things to be fixed in apartment and doesn't do it keeps the insurance money and ask my husband to more
Renter in Canton, OH, USA
6 months ago

Old landlord had the entire house on 1 electric and gas bill and we paid through rent now he's having it shut off and new landlord refuses to keep it on in his name
Renter in Cleveland, OH, USA
No Heating
26 minutes ago

Daily meal delivery recommendations : I unfortunately no longer live in Cleveland but one of my great friends and his wife are cooped up in the hospital for several weeks due to a complicated pregnancy. I want to pay for a week (late august) of meal delivery for him, his wife, and his son for a week to help as he's now been thrust into the solo dad life. Does anyone know of a good person/service they have had a good experience with in Cleveland? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Cleveland)
about 7 hours ago

6 DAY PADDLE BOARD ADVENTURE! Ansonia, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio. : Day #3 of my 6 day paddling adventure on the still water river! Was a great day because we actually got to paddle a decent amount! but we still had lots of portages and walking. The river was extremely low. We probably ended up walking about 15 miles out of the 60...anyway go check the video out here Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Ohio)