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Local news and guestbook posts in and around Afghanistan

10 months ago

Islamic State claims bombing at Kabul wedding that killed 63 Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kabul)
5 months ago

Today is a sunny day in Kabul. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kabul)
about 2 months ago

How Can I Contribute in Times of COVID-19? : Write your testimony about the concequences from the time of Corona virus (COVID-19). Here is a great knowledge base about the effects of the Corona virus. Thank you for your story! Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Kabul)
about 1 year ago

Let this be a warning to others. Sean Mirsaidi was basically given his post as manager BC Paul (old manager) thought he was a good guy even though he had no experience in property management whatsoever. Paul has since expressed deep regret at placing a vindictive, power tripping sociopath at the helm because since Sean has taken over, there has been copious amounts of complaints of Sean behaving totally unprofessionally, often resorting to bullying and intimidation if he doesn't get his way. My more
Renter in Los Angeles, CA, USA
about 2 months ago

when to wash my clothes tonight at the laundromat here at Maple Grove Apartments my neighbor that's the Peril eejit guy who's in the rolling chair it's got these two guys like I said living with him well tonight they got the young boys staying with them they got this dog this great big old dog it's not on a lease and if you live here you got to have your dog on a lease just can't let it run wow and they got to be out there with it and the dog keeps running around where my apartment is I live in more
Renter in Russellville, KY, USA
7 months ago

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 Title X law requires landlords to disclose any known lead paint hazards, where they specifically are located in residences, as well as records relating.

My question is, how do we know if they are not disclosing these hazards? What our residents recourse to finding out if the apartments do indeed have lead (and asbestos) hazards not disclosed with specific details on where in apartments and common areas?

I asked leasing offi more
Renter in Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA
Lead, Asbestos, or Hazardous Materials