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7 months ago

Hello my landlord was actually in trouble for trespassing and was told twice by police before he took the hint. It's not winter, normally after clearing the snow in the parking lot they would pile the snow in my front covering my front exit, actually needing to bericate my door to prevent it front popping open. However my daughter started school and we need the front entrance available. My landlord does not feel responsible for making sure the front path to our front exit is cleared from snow pi

...read more
Renter in Sturgeon Falls, ON, CAN
about 3 hours ago

Demande d'ajout du drapeau du Québec dans Call of duty.(Calling Cards) : Salut les gamers, J'ai besoin de votre aide! Si comme moi vous aimeriez qu'Activision rajoute notre beau drapeau dans leur jeu dans le but de nous mieux nous reconnaitre dans celui-ci. Voici le lien du forum où j'ai fait ma demmande. Merci de m'encourager! forum Call of duty https://support.activision.com/community/s/question/0D54P00007Pn5ogSAB/qu%C3%A9becs-flag-as-a-calling-card Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Quebec)
35 minutes ago

La Fête nationale censure Didier Lucien cette année malgré le thème "Unis" (via Tout le Hood en Parle/Catherine Richer) : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Montreal)
37 minutes ago

Coquitlam Crunch - Fuck ya!!! Fellow Redditor told me about it. I looked it up and thought why not, might as well give it shot before it starts raining again. I made it twice before my legs started crying no mas! : Full Article
about 1 hour ago

Calgary and Edmonton spend more than $750 million a year on cops. It’s time to defund the police : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Alberta)
about 3 hours ago

Pensée de douche: on aura plus jamais à se demander quelle joue faut présenter en premier, à qui, quand et combien de bises il faut donner. : Personnellement ça va m'enlever une petite couche d'anxiété sociale quand on va recommencer à voir du monde. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Quebec)