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3 months ago

Ciudad de La Plata | The City of Diagonals | Travel Argentina 🇦🇷 : Full Article
23 days ago

Luego de tres años se aprobó la nueva ley de alquileres : Full Article
10 days ago

Buenos Aires : Hey all! I'm super interested in going to Buenos Aires, but I have a few questions... 1) can you get by with a begginer knowledge (or no knowledge) of Spanish? 2) are there any people of color that live in Buenos Aires. I saw a news piece that said they're pretty none-existent and pushed into the background. So are they there? 3) what's the cost of living truly like? I'm hearin all different prices for rent. What's the deal? 4) what's the metro (subte) like? Any advice based on experience is helpful. Thanks ahead of time. Full Article
11 days ago

Put your photos on The Buenos Aires map and download Full Article
about 1 month ago

Whats the best place to find potential hires in BA? : Hello, I'm looking to hire people in Buenos Aires for permanent positions at my startup/digital media company. (working from home during covid) I'd love to get some feedback on how to best find talent in Argentina. I posted the ad to facebook jobs and trying a few job boards on facebook in buenos aires. I also found these sites from a quora response but being from the UK myself I'm not sure if they're a good source: - more
Full Article
14 days ago

Mens hair system salon Buenos Aires : Hello, I'm coming to Buenos Aires to study Spanish for 3 months and I was wondering if there is a barbershop or salon for men where they glue on and service wigs (hair systems) for men? Full Article
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