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3 months ago

Find an apartment : Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I will be going to Zurich for a long-term study at the end of this year, i have a friend who already arrived there who is looking for an apartment for both us to live, he is now lives in a temporary place. But man! the housing situation in Zurich is a lot worse than we thought, we used many websites (like Homegate, Comparis...etc), my friend also went to see many places, filed a lot of application, NONE has replied! we have stable salary and go more
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about 16 hours ago

I salute the train driver who passed Colovray sports center in Nyon at around four o’clock on Saturday and blew his horn to encourage the teams playing football! : I was watching a game and suddenly an RE passed and blew his horn. It went like so, ta ta tatata tatatata tata. Hope you like my description. Thanks train driver! Full Article
about 18 hours ago

Flumserberg looking nice on the weekend : Full Article
about 19 hours ago

Do manufacturing companies hire non German/French speakers? : Hello I am an EU/UK citizen living in Brexiland, and I would love to move to Switzerland just for experience for a while (also learning German too). Most factories or manufacturing companies in the UK hire people even if they don't speak English. Is it the same situation in Switzerland? Thank you! Full Article
about 22 hours ago

Plant based milk pricing in Switzerland : Out of curiosity does any know if plant based milks are subject to high import duty / protectionist tariffs? I know the dairy/beef industry is- thus some justification to higher Swiss prices for these products. I find soya and other milks crazy expensive in Switzerland (about 40-50pct higher than in the UK and neighbouring countries). Aldi, Denner and Lidl don’t offer soya or oat milk where lower prices might be found. If no tariff could be normal story of distributors charging higher prices in Switzerland and own brands simply matching closely. Full Article
about 11 hours ago

Lenzerheide ist auch schön : Full Article
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