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6 months ago

I am days late on rent signed a lease for 12 months this is my first time being late.told him I'd have it before and of month. He told me that he wants me out by the weekend is this legal
Renter in Sandersville, GA, USA
This is not a legal advise. Seek legal advise when needed. But as per the law landlord has the right to evict when rent not paid with 3 to 7 days notice though you have never been late before. Some landlords do consider first time when this happens. Some dont.
Renter in Atlanta, GA, USA

10 months ago

I rented the place through the internet and believed the statement from the landlord where he said the size would be at least the size of a hotel room but when we got there and saw the place it was too small and less than 200 square feet. When we showed how upset we were the landlord told us to leave and never gave us access to the property. He then withheld the security deposit and the first month's rent that we had already paid. Is he allowed to do that?
Renter in Savannah, GA, USA
Returning Security Deposit
about 14 hours ago

Need Tamales. Who has the best? : My wife and I love Tamales and I'm just wondering who has the best. I've tried Sr Sols and while they were good they were also over priced to me. Any other suggestions? Seriously send me anywhere. Doesnt have to be just to traditional restaurants. I'd rather buy them and take them home to gorge myself in private anyway. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Athens)
about 7 hours ago

Apartment Recommendations In Sandy Springs - New Construction In The Last 5 Years if Possible : I just took a job off Abernathy road in Sandy Springs. I looked at a few units across from perimeter mall in Dunwoody and thought they were all overpriced... Thanks in advance for any feedback Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Atlanta)
about 9 hours ago

Where to watch Fury/Wilder next weekend? : Is there a good sports bar that will definitely have the fight next weekend? And do you know if they charge cover/minimums during PPV events? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Athens)
about 12 hours ago

View from the highest point looking south : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Georgia)
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