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11 months ago

I rented the place through the internet and believed the statement from the landlord where he said the size would be at least the size of a hotel room but when we got there and saw the place it was too small and less than 200 square feet. When we showed how upset we were the landlord told us to leave and never gave us access to the property. He then withheld the security deposit and the first month's rent that we had already paid. Is he allowed to do that?
Renter in Savannah, GA, USA
Returning Security Deposit
6 months ago

I am days late on rent signed a lease for 12 months this is my first time being late.told him I'd have it before and of month. He told me that he wants me out by the weekend is this legal
Renter in Sandersville, GA, USA
This is not a legal advise. Seek legal advise when needed. But as per the law landlord has the right to evict when rent not paid with 3 to 7 days notice though you have never been late before. Some landlords do consider first time when this happens. Some dont.
Renter in Atlanta, GA, USA

about 15 hours ago

Please tell me if this is in a bad hood : I'm from Asheville, relocating to Athens and I need guidance as to which areas are to be avoided. Thanks! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/River-Station-Athens-GA-30606/69339155_zpid/ Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Athens)
about 1 hour ago

Amazon coming to Appling : Let's talk about this piece of news originally from facebook, but here is the main content in case you have not heard it yet: Amazon.com is opening a fulfillment center in Appling, which is expected to bring 1,000 jobs to the CSRA.
What are your thoughts on this? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Augusta)
about 10 hours ago

Visiting, wanna meet up tonight (friday) for some food and Drink? : Hey! I am here in your city and will be chilling by myself later probably sitting at the bar of some restaurant in liiiike hd or starland or somewhere in between, grabbing dinner, drinking, and reading, would love if some cool people wanted to hang out and chit-chat. Would happily meet y'all out, or if anyone's interested to know I'll post where I'll be so you can come by and say hello - first round on me /u/jimmyjah style. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Savannah)
about 10 hours ago

Is this reddit post and admission of guilt or a troll? : First I don't know if this is a troll or not but I don't want to take any chances and don't know how to report it as I live in a different place. ​ I am linking this post as I am deeply concerned as to whether this happened or not and the fact that if true the murderer is free while an innocent person is locked up. What do you think. If you think this is true please report it to the proper authorities.

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Local news from Reddit (Georgia)
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