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10 months ago

I moved in to this apartment 3/15/19 (note* these apts. built in 1971-72). Within the first week of April I went to apartment office to speak about a musty odor throughout the apartment, especially noticeable in the bedroom. I expressed my concerns about the possibility of hidden mold. That day the prop. mgr came to the apt. with me, we walked to bedroom and she said that is smells like "old paint" ( note, apt. was JUST PAINTED! carelessly at that) we talked more about the odor she walked around more
Renter in New Albany, IN, USA
about 2 hours ago

Fun Things To Do : My best friend is visiting Indianapolis with me in April and we are looking for things to do. We are both 26 years old, love to drink, love good food, and love to explore. What are the best bars, restaurants, and just general fun things to do for lively 26-year-olds? Full Article
about 3 hours ago

Nappanee RV company reportedly lays off 10 percent of workforce Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Elkhart)
about 4 hours ago

Are There Any Truly Local Jobs Out There... : That are different, that 'matter' or contribute something greater than more mass made BS sold at marked up prices? Been looking for a 'meaningful' job here and I can't find one. Now as a college dropout and a fuck up by all measures I know I've kinda dug my own grave on this one. So was wondering if anyone out there happens to know if anything like that exsist around here? Thanks all and have a good day! 😊 Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Evansville)
about 6 hours ago

Thoughts on Fountain Park Apartments? : Hello! My partner and I are looking into apartments to move into in April, and we recently toured Fountain Park. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Or better apartments at a similar price? Being close to IU isn’t important to us at all, and we have two dogs, who are ESAs. Full Article
about 8 hours ago

Could someone recommend an estate lawyer to me? : So long story short, in the early 2000's my parents passed while we were living in Indiana and I've discovered some unclaimed money. I have questions and probably will need help with claiming it - if I even CAN claim it - so I think it'll be best if I contact a lawyer. The problem is, I live on the east coast now, and I'm not sure I like the idea of just picking someone out of the phone book, so to speak. Free consultation is a plus, since I don' more
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Local news from Reddit (Indiana)
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