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about 1 year ago

I moved in to this apartment 3/15/19 (note* these apts. built in 1971-72). Within the first week of April I went to apartment office to speak about a musty odor throughout the apartment, especially noticeable in the bedroom. I expressed my concerns about the possibility of hidden mold. That day the prop. mgr came to the apt. with me, we walked to bedroom and she said that is smells like "old paint" ( note, apt. was JUST PAINTED! carelessly at that) we talked more about the odor she walked around more
Renter in New Albany, IN, USA
4 months ago

I've lived in a retirement community since 3-2017. I've been asking for a 2 bedroom unit since October of 2019. I found a new retirement community yet the current landlord, demanded that I sign a 3 month lease, even though I am trying to move out. When I refused to sign. He told me to get out by 3/7- 2020. And told me that he would set my things out off the property! Since he refused to sign the paper for the place I found, it fell through. Now I am searching again! PLEASE HELP!
Renter in Darmstadt, IN, USA
Eviction Process
43 minutes ago

ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER PROTEST!! : I am sure most of you are aware, but a man was nearly lynched right here in Monroe Co. on the 4th. WE WILL BE PROTESTING AT THE MONROE COUNTY COURTHOUSE AT 5:30 TOMORROW. WE WILL NEED BODIES AND LOUD VOICES. SPREAD THE WORD. Full Article
40 minutes ago

For those wanting information on the guys involved in the video. : Full Article
29 minutes ago

Lake Monroe, Vauhxx Rush Booker: "I don’t want to recount this, but I was almost the victim of an attempted lynching." : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Lafayette)
about 8 hours ago

King Size Mattress for Sale ($100). Needs to be gone before tomorrow morning (7/6/20). : Full Article
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