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10 months ago

I moved in to this apartment 3/15/19 (note* these apts. built in 1971-72). Within the first week of April I went to apartment office to speak about a musty odor throughout the apartment, especially noticeable in the bedroom. I expressed my concerns about the possibility of hidden mold. That day the prop. mgr came to the apt. with me, we walked to bedroom and she said that is smells like "old paint" ( note, apt. was JUST PAINTED! carelessly at that) we talked more about the odor she walked around more
Renter in New Albany, IN, USA
about 9 hours ago

Yahoo Sports tips on Indy, arguing All-Star Game should be moved Full Article
about 13 hours ago

Section 8 housing before March 12th : I am looking for a 1bedroom unit for $700 that will take section 8. I have been visiting Truila, Zillow, & Realtor I have called Summit Point but they refered me to Lenorad Springs Apts. I have tried Adams Village and they refered me to Union at Crescent. I have a application in with them already but the other 2 apt. builds will not be done till July. Does anyone know ANY 1bedroom under $700 that takes section 8? Full Article
about 7 hours ago

Residents of B-Town: Share your favorite and least favorite things of living here! : I’m curious what everyone’s personal opinions are as locals to Bloomington. Have a go to coffee shop? Grocery store? Hatred for local road construction?Hoping to start an ongoing discussion. Let me know! Full Article
about 8 hours ago

Vacuum-forming services in town? : I need to produce a bit of specially formed Lexan plastic (specifically a nose cone for a model airplane) and before I pull the trigger on building my own home setup, does anyone know where I could perhaps get it done locally? Full Article
about 12 hours ago

Best place to do crack? Full Article
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