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about 1 year ago

Another tenant is letting people with hostal inten to others in by opening front door on request by outsiderd. Even though witnessed by others and reported to landlord, he refuse to take action
Renter in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Disruptive Neighbors
about 19 hours ago

The 'greenest' development is the one built in Minneapolis : Full Article
about 11 hours ago

Master Sword (Legend of Zelda Metal) LIVE at VGM CON on March 7th : Full Article
about 9 hours ago

[MinnPost] Minneapolis’ Upper Harbor Terminal project faces another question: Who should co-manage the music venue? : Full Article
about 7 hours ago

Gonna be in the city for a couple days... : Any cool nature areas/parks In or very close to Minneapolis? Full Article
about 15 hours ago

18+ bars : i’m trying to find bars/clubs that are 18+ on thursday nights or friday nights ? i know wild greg’s has college thursdays which is 18+ but me and my friends have gone a couple times only to wait in line for two hours and then be charged $25 when it’s advertised as $15 and it’s not that fun inside. when i google 18+ bars it just brings up every bar in minneapolis when they’re not 18+. otherwise, recommendations for a bar type atmosphere place to go this thursday night? me and my friends wanna pregame and go out but being 19 years old limits our options Full Article
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