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over 1 year ago

Another tenant is letting people with hostal inten to others in by opening front door on request by outsiderd. Even though witnessed by others and reported to landlord, he refuse to take action
Renter in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Disruptive Neighbors
about 19 hours ago

Car Broken Into : Hey guys. My car was broken into this morning just outside of my apartment building. The thief stole only about $40 worth of stuff out of my car but smashed the front passenger window. My building owner has video footage and said he should have the license plate of the car, and has a clear image of the driver who smashed the window as well. IF the police department does track this guy down, do I bring him to court and sue him, or how does this work, what's the next step? (Insurance is covering the window replacement in full) Full Article
about 8 hours ago

Best empanadas within Minneapolis : Hey, random inquiry here. I'm excited to move into a new apartment and instead of hiring movers I've got a few friends that volunteered. I offered them money but they said just feed them good food during the day, so I had the idea to do a mini buffet of fruit, veggie sushi, muffins, and other stuff including empanadas (I was craving empanadas and still am) I know Whole Foods sells a couple cold ones (boring) but I was wondering where I could order maybe 10 emp more
Full Article
about 9 hours ago

Weather : I'm about to move to minneapolis for a little bit. Can someone tell me what the weather is like from august-december? Like how cold is it, when will I need a jacket, what type of clothes should I buy? Full Article
about 18 hours ago

REI Property Management : I signed a lease with this company about a month ago, they appear very disorganized and seem to love adding hidden fees. Anyone else have any experience with them? Full Article
about 14 hours ago

Are you craving some White Castle? : Full Article
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