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about 1 year ago

Another tenant is letting people with hostal inten to others in by opening front door on request by outsiderd. Even though witnessed by others and reported to landlord, he refuse to take action
Renter in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Disruptive Neighbors
1 day ago

HC Waste and Recycling doesn’t take batteries anymore. I have a jar full and feel very uncomfortable putting them in the trash. : This is what I was told to do by the person that answers the phones at their office. I'd feel better if we could at least keep them separate from the regular trash. WTF? Full Article
about 3 hours ago

Looking to take family out!!! : I’m new to the city and I’m wondering where I can find the best raman for my sister. Thanks! Full Article
about 5 hours ago

Controller Fix : Anyone know of a place where I could get a PS4 controller fixed that won’t break the bank? Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Happy hour near target center on Fridays? : Hitting up a wolves game tomorrow, curious if there are any places with happy hour between 5-7:30 near the target center (or within walking distance). It’s a Friday so I’m unsure of any places for sure. Thanks! Full Article
2 days ago

Classically trained Twin Cities musicians wanted : The Hook and Ladder Theater and Lounge in Minneapolis is looking for "classical" musicians to perform in a new series that hopes to bring in instruments and instrumentalists not typically showcased in spaces like those. They're using the word "classical" very loosely - any sort of music performed on instruments you might consider classical are welcome. There really aren't many limitations! Do you know any musicians/chamber groups looking for a new sort of venue to perform in? Let me know! DMs welcome! Full Article
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