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8 months ago

I fell behind on rent. My landlords came July 4th & removed my back door. They were in the process of removing the front door when I was woke up & stopped them. We still have no back door. (The back door is the main one we use) We have a 2yr. Old that lives here with us. I called the police. They made a report for felony B&E. Landlord said she can do whatever she wants because it's her property. Officer said that she can not. I am trying to move but haven't found anything affordable yet. I don't feel safe here with no door. I need advice.
Renter in Okolona, MS, USA
Broken Door or Window
5 months ago

Nice home....old structure, property management is difficult and non-conforming in the expedition of major repairs and or utility brake downs. Rent has never been paid late. Minor repairs and upkeep is my responsibility . Gladly.
Renter in Corinth, MS, USA
about 2 hours ago

King cake in gulfport? : Best one? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Biloxi)
about 4 hours ago

If you graduated college, did you get a job in your field of study? : If you graduated college, did you get a job in your field of study? Full Article
1 day ago

Mississippi sunset is pretty good : Full Article
about 24 hours ago

What’s the legal age requirement to run for city council in Gulfport? : If anyone knows what it is I would appreciate you telling me or linking me the site with the information. Thanks In advance. Full Article
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