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7 months ago

Curious at what level of damage a window needs to have in order for a landlord to be required to fix it. In the lease we noticed it said "As is" when we moved in but after further inspection of windows in the house some of them have been taped together with packaging tape (attached pictures). Are we screwed because we signed the lease "As is" or is there a certain condition the landlord has to provide us when it comes to windows. We are in NC.
Renter in Charlotte, NC, USA
Home needs to be habitable for any renter . Beyond that you need to talk to landlord about fixing that needs to be done .
Renter in Nc, NC, USA

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4 months ago

Help in in aHUD PRAC811lease my complaints are falling upon a deaf ear by my property manager regarding another threatening experience with a this neighbor. This landlord grossly oversteps her ethical boundries. Becoming a medical POA of my friend who died last week. Drivine tenants around town in her company vehical. Reguses to talk to me anout this issue she said if my neighbor gets a complaint over this she would be forced to file a complaint agindt me as well
Renter in Lincolnton, NC, USA
Disruptive Neighbors
about 14 hours ago

Job offer in Lumberton. Thoughts on living there? : Hi! So, a little background: I currently live in central Indiana with my husband. We have a 2.5 year old daughter and a baby due to arrive in August. My husband was just told last week his company is shutting down and he will be out of a job in 60 days. However, the parent company really likes him and would like to keep him. This means a raise, a sign on bonus, and relocation. Their current opening is in Lumberton, NC. I started doing research more
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about 6 hours ago

I find it weirdly awesome that the route number, US-117 going through Calypso also represents the birthday of an artist who made a song of that title, of which the artist would be Suzanne Vega. : Full Article
about 11 hours ago

Improper left turn ticket - quick advice? : Hi, just a quick question. I tried to make a U-turn from a far left lane on a 2 left lane road and got a ticket for it. My understanding is it's an infraction and I can just pay it online, should I just do that? My. understanding is if I waive my court date and pay directly I plead guilty -- would the DMV take away my license/further punish me? Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Selfless Saturday! Promote your (non-profit) fundraiser, ask about volunteering opportunities, and make the world a better place. : Working with an animal rescue group? Volunteer fire department raising money with barbecue? Friend or relative trying to beat an expensive illness? Life kicking your ass and need a hand? Let us know and let us help. Full Article
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