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over 1 year ago

Is it discrimination if you live in apartment building that has a laundry room and the landlord only lets the tenants he chooses use the laundry room and the tenants that can't never even had an opportunity . PLEASE HELP PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE
Renter in Philadelphia, PA, USA
7 months ago

ISO a 1 BR or large studio within the Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County or Back Mt. I'm on disability so I really can't afford past $500/mo. With most utilities included. I'm 58 and it would just be myself. Thank you.
Renter in Dallas, PA, USA
about 2 hours ago

UPMC should do what's right and re-open Lancaster Regional to treat COVID19 patients : This makes perfect sense. They could simply open this and have all the COVID19 positive patients requiring hospitalization transferred there. This way it would free-up other resources in the community for non-positive or post-recovery patients. Let's be honest here. This thing hasn't yet peaked in Lancaster. This is a golden opportunity for UPMC to do the right thing. So far, they have been like an unwelcome guest in our community. Step up, UPMC. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Lancaster)
about 4 hours ago

There are going to be huge lawsuits once this virus is over : I can already see people who caught coronavirus suing major retailers because their dumb ass couldn't stay home. You just know people will be saying stuff like, "I never left the house except for that one time I went to Lowes/Pep Boys/Giant, and that must be where I caught the virus." Lots of lawyers are going to be lining up to make "easy" money from big corporations over this. I can also see employees who have to work because their more
Full Article
about 3 hours ago

Little reference in Steven Universe Future : Full Article
about 5 hours ago

the price i paid at local corner store in PA : Full Article
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