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over 1 year ago

Is it discrimination if you live in apartment building that has a laundry room and the landlord only lets the tenants he chooses use the laundry room and the tenants that can't never even had an opportunity . PLEASE HELP PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE
Renter in Philadelphia, PA, USA
10 months ago

ISO a 1 BR or large studio within the Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County or Back Mt. I'm on disability so I really can't afford past $500/mo. With most utilities included. I'm 58 and it would just be myself. Thank you.
Renter in Dallas, PA, USA
about 12 hours ago

PWSA claims we used 21,000 gallons of water last month... is there anyway to contest this? : We rent a place in Bloomfield and our realtor contacted me stating the bill was almost $600. Our biggest bill before now was for 5,000 gallons and was when we had a leak. The realtor already contacted PWSA twice but they maintain the bill is correct. Is there anyway for us to contest this? We know there is no way we used this much. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Pittsburgh)
about 9 hours ago

Teens and cops fight at water park : Full Article
about 11 hours ago

Wolf, legislature draw closer to more tax breaks for the natural gas industry : Full Article
about 6 hours ago

House with dolls/clowns in the trees : This may be a longshot, but maybe someone knows this house that I'm talking about. I grew up going to a summer camp in Pennsylvania. We would go on a kayaking trip on a river every summer and I think the river may have been the Deleware River. The camp would drop us off near a house with creepy dolls/clowns that were tied to the trees. There were also dolls scattered through the yard. The house was pretty run down and looked abandoned. Does anyone know this house? This would have been between 2008 and 2010. Full Article
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