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about 21 hours ago

Can anyone tell me what the name of this playground game is? I’d never seen it until I moved here, but I’m curious to know how to play it. But I don’t know what to search for. Full Article
1 day ago

What is this track? Full Article
20 days ago

Need someone to foster my dog. : On mobile. Sorry for formatting issues. First post blah blah. I moved in with a friend of a friend. There are 2 others besides myself. Apparently them arguing back and forth and calling the cops on each other has prompted the city to have the landlord evict everyone. The landlord is telling me since I'm not on the lease he doesn't have to go through the proper channels. He told me 2 days ago that we all have to be out by the first. I have nowhere to go. I work fu

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Full Article
13 days ago

What's the best local weather app? Full Article
14 days ago

Does anyone have experience with Madison Farms or Saucon View apartments? : I've heard mixed things about Madison Farms, not so much about Saucon View. The posts talking about either are a few years old now. I'm considering both options as candidates to move into shortly, so I was hoping I could get some opinions :) ​ I primarily work from home (travel into my NJ office once a week), so commuting isn't an issue from either. Thanks! Full Article
18 days ago

Best internet provider in Emmaus? : Hello all! I'll be moving to Emmaus this weekend and am looking at some options for an internet provider. I was going to go with RCN (seemed to have the best speed vs rates) however they do not cover the area that I will be in (around the community park). Any suggestions for another reliable provider that might cover more territory up towards the mountain? Thanks! Full Article
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