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about 1 year ago

Is it discrimination if you live in apartment building that has a laundry room and the landlord only lets the tenants he chooses use the laundry room and the tenants that can't never even had an opportunity . PLEASE HELP PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE
Renter in Philadelphia, PA, USA
5 months ago

ISO a 1 BR or large studio within the Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County or Back Mt. I'm on disability so I really can't afford past $500/mo. With most utilities included. I'm 58 and it would just be myself. Thank you.
Renter in Dallas, PA, USA
about 3 hours ago

It's a good day for killing Yuenglings. : Full Article
5 days ago

Let’s talk about the time Mike Bloomberg spent millions to reelect Republican Pat Toomey in Pa. : Full Article
about 1 hour ago

Do people here not know that a flashing yellow light means proceed with caution? : everyone keeps stopping like they would for a flashing red, but you do not need to stop for a flashing yellow, only yield if someone is already in the intersection. Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Pennlive headline calls Luzerne County “Central PA” 🤔🤔😒🤔 : Who writes these headlines? Full Article
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