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over 1 year ago

Is it discrimination if you live in apartment building that has a laundry room and the landlord only lets the tenants he chooses use the laundry room and the tenants that can't never even had an opportunity . PLEASE HELP PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE
Renter in Philadelphia, PA, USA
10 months ago

ISO a 1 BR or large studio within the Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County or Back Mt. I'm on disability so I really can't afford past $500/mo. With most utilities included. I'm 58 and it would just be myself. Thank you.
Renter in Dallas, PA, USA
about 6 hours ago

Saw this message downtown Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Pittsburgh)
22 minutes ago

LGBT Friendliness/ Life in the Valley : I will be turning 30 this year and I am considering relocating to Easton, Allentown, or Bethlehem within the next 6-`12 months, as I am looking for a lower cost of living and slower pace of life. I am gay and single and want to inquire about both the general attitudes towards LGBT folks in the valley, as well as the opportunity to socialize with other LGBT people. Full Article
about 5 hours ago

New sanctions, restrictions won’t be announced Wednesday, but are expected for several local counties : Full Article
about 1 hour ago

Did a day trip from S. Philly to Peace Valley Park. Was not disappointed. Please enjoy a Rose-breasted Grosbeak : Full Article
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