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about 1 year ago

Is it discrimination if you live in apartment building that has a laundry room and the landlord only lets the tenants he chooses use the laundry room and the tenants that can't never even had an opportunity . PLEASE HELP PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE
Renter in Philadelphia, PA, USA
about 17 hours ago

Taco bell coming : Finally a taco bell is about to open! Full Article
about 22 hours ago

Supreme Court justices to hear Philly dispute over same-sex foster parents : Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Recycling bin advice : So, I put my recycling out. I leave to go to work they hadn't got my recycling back. Come home and the bin is full to the brim with non recycling trash. I don't have a trash bag big enough to fit this massive amount of trash. I leave the bin and hope the trash people can problem solve and throw this trash away next trash day. Of course they don't take it, for recycling or normal trash. Ok so where do I put all this trash that doesn't involve throwing it on the st? I don't know, what would you guys do? Full Article
about 15 hours ago

all credit to u/SonofGarry on r/HistoryMemes : Full Article
about 12 hours ago

Monday’s in North Philly : Full Article
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