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8 months ago

after you go court and judge post pons for 2 weeks can the land lord harrass you for more rent for another month and tell you that if not paid on the 15th she will put a 50 late charge on it and has never do or is not in rental agreement
Renter in McMinnville, TN, USA
7 months ago

I have lived here for 3 years. Mr. Bandys son came by today to tell me that the property has been sold and the lights and water will be turned off Monday and I need to be out by then. This is the first I've heard of this. What can I do
Renter in Portland, TN, USA
Check in menu, probems, renter help organizations.
Renter in Other, TN, USA

about 10 hours ago

Personal information of 7.2 million Tennessee drivers sold to companies by state agency : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Tennessee)
about 7 hours ago

Soccer Friendly Bars / Establishments : I’m wondering which bars/ establishments are soccer friendly? I know that Feed and Chatta Brew show games but I would like to know others as well. Full Article
about 10 hours ago

Tennessee brewery? : Who's lives in the Tennessee brewery? There's gotta be some redditors from there here. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Memphis)
31 minutes ago

[Gift] Does anybody need Wood carving disc for 16mm Aperture Angle Grinder? have new one left. PM me if you need. : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Nashville)
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