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9 months ago

after you go court and judge post pons for 2 weeks can the land lord harrass you for more rent for another month and tell you that if not paid on the 15th she will put a 50 late charge on it and has never do or is not in rental agreement
Renter in McMinnville, TN, USA
7 months ago

I have lived here for 3 years. Mr. Bandys son came by today to tell me that the property has been sold and the lights and water will be turned off Monday and I need to be out by then. This is the first I've heard of this. What can I do
Renter in Portland, TN, USA
Check in menu, probems, renter help organizations.
Renter in Other, TN, USA

about 1 hour ago

Eh : I'm from Reno NV and recently moved here and there are a ton of all you can eat sushi and hot pot places out there I was excited when I found a hot pot place here it's not half as good as others I used to go to even some of the worst but it's the only one o have found here so it works. Somewhat good food the customer service is eh the guy was behind the counter playing W.O.W and almost never came to take dishes or refill broth bowls or anything the 1st time but we said screw it and gave it

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Local news from Reddit (Knoxville)
about 9 hours ago

The best chicken tenders in town. : So I eat a stupid amount of chicken tenders. It's probably not the best diet in the world but it's my favorite. I've tried nearly every place in town that has chicken tenders and I flat out am positive I found the best ones in town and Waldo's that place is insanely good. I don't post stuff like this (check my history) I just though people should know(plus if the place goes bust I can't get my chicken tenders). Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Nashville)
about 10 hours ago

Job market in Nashville for restaurant workers? : I’m thinking of relocating to Nashville from Seattle. I have 12 years of experience in the industry, mostly serving. Would be moving around a month or so from now. Does anybody else in the industry there know what kind of job opportunities there are and what I can expect to make on average? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Nashville)
about 2 hours ago

Replacing a lost license : I lost my license this past weekend and have already ordered a replacement. Out of curiosity how long has it taken you to get your replacement? The website says up to 20 days is that typically right or is it usually faster than that? Also I’m out of state at school so I’m sure that has some influence on the timeline, just trying to get a rough estimate Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Tennessee)
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