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3 months ago

I've lived in this house that I rent for a whole month.and the landlord wont go away.he has knocked on the door at least 25 days out of 30.he just knit picks .he's 95 years old and thinks he can come and boss us around every day.how can I get him outta here.this place feels like a prison already.cant go out side.
Renter in Elizabethton, TN, USA
about 1 year ago

after you go court and judge post pons for 2 weeks can the land lord harrass you for more rent for another month and tell you that if not paid on the 15th she will put a 50 late charge on it and has never do or is not in rental agreement
Renter in McMinnville, TN, USA
12 months ago

I have lived here for 3 years. Mr. Bandys son came by today to tell me that the property has been sold and the lights and water will be turned off Monday and I need to be out by then. This is the first I've heard of this. What can I do
Renter in Portland, TN, USA
Check in menu, probems, renter help organizations.
Renter in Other, TN, USA

7 months ago

Two men arrested for aggravated robbery of pizza delivery driver in Mt. Juliet : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Nashville)
about 10 hours ago

Retro City of Memphis T Shirt for Men Women and Kids.Please comment to get this t-shirt : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Memphis)
about 10 hours ago

Gypsy Circus Cider : I’m from out of town and looking to bring back some local ciders, this is the only one I’ve found made in TN...anybody know of a store in Chattanooga that sells it? Also; any locally made IPAs or Stouts? Full Article
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