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6 months ago

I've been evicted, the administrator of the unit have been threading me and put me under a lot of stress. They don't have a real reason, is something personal the administrator is dating my Ex-girlfriend and wants to get rid of me, he stole my keys but I found them in his house because they have a CUBE bluetooth device.
Renter in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
about 6 hours ago

Apartment Hunting - Transplant Opinions Wanted : Howdy! I recently got a job offer in SLC and am planning to move from NYC on 5/1. Would love advice from those who’ve made the big move on the following questions: 1) Apt hunting remotely - is it doable? And are there brokers in SLC that help with this sort of thing? I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to town long enough to find an apt and sign a lease. 2) Neighborhoods - I’ve heard good things about Avenues, Liberty Wells, and Sugarhouse. F more
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about 7 hours ago

THREAD: Regalia exchange Full Article
about 3 hours ago

Any recommendations for the best kitchen cabinet designer/installers? : Like the title says, I’m looking to see if anyone has any kitchen cabinet designers that they would recommend? I have used a couple different companies in the past, but I’m not happy with what they have given me for a current project. I figured I would throw the question out there and see if anyone has any helpful info? Full Article
about 8 hours ago

Living space rental recommendations (N.Davis County) : I'll be working on base and am looking for recommendations for a place to live within about 20 minutes of the area. I've been looking online and seems like a lot of the typical complaints are thin walls and mismanagement. It'll just be me. No pets. Anyone have any suggestions or experiences that could help inform my decision? Full Article
about 14 hours ago

Mike Bloomberg, Democratic presidential hopeful, announces 2nd visit to Utah Full Article
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