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10 months ago

Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can sell a 1962 Lane Cedar Chest? Still has tags and in good shape.
Renter in Roanoke, VA, USA
about 13 hours ago

Observation about pan handlers : I passed 3 panhandlers within half a mile at Hydraulic Road. I see the same ones out there frequently. All 3 of them had very clean, very new looking shoes. This struck me as very strange. Full Article
about 4 hours ago

Tang and Biscuit, a bit too exciting for me. : So... we got to Tang and Biscuit later than we planned. There was a band playing, can’t recall the name. And then the singer punched the guitar player. WTF did I miss? Do they fight on stage every Friday, or did I witness the break up of a band? Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Rva)
about 9 hours ago

How can Virginia Beach neglect public safety on a road notorious for pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist deaths?! Restore lighting on our dangerously dark Shore Drive, City Council! : Full Article
about 17 hours ago

Virginia Beach loses federal funding for each person not counted in census (crosspost /r/VirginiaPolitics) : Full Article
about 10 hours ago

Power Yoga studio suggestion? : Hi! I'm traveling to town in April and looking for a great studio for power yoga. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Full Article
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