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12 months ago

They don't even advocate for tenants. Rude to you. Living in a bird Mite infested house and they are looking the other way completely.
Renter in Staunton, VA, USA
17 days ago

Renting one of three apt building. Others have gravel front and back. Mine has grass. I want to add grill and picnic table in back to create a area for the summer to relax but my neighbor on the other apt building keeps driving through the backyard and won't stop even after being asked not to and the property manager won't do anything. What should I do?
Renter in Mechanicsville, VA, USA
Disruptive Neighbors
about 17 hours ago

CVCC Students/Graduates: Java/Programming Classes : Hi everyone I'm looking for some information on the Java Programming class at CVCC. Is it taught well? Are there any other programming classes available that you'd recommend? I am self-learning but want to take a course or two at CVCC just because I need that type of environment to really thrive. Thanks! Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Lynchburg)
about 4 hours ago

Filing for Unemployment - Out of State Small Business Owner : I am a Virginia resident owning a non-essential small business in Maryland. My business closed down last week. Can I file for unemployment? If so, should I file on the Virginia or Maryland website? Thank you. Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Virginia)
about 2 hours ago

Best clubs/underground raves type places? : Okay okay, I know we should all be staying home and I have absolutely no plans to go out and party during this time, but I was wondering if anyone here has a favorite club they liked to go to before all this? I'm very shy/socially anxious/a real shut in, but I've always wanted to have the opportunity to go to a real dance club just to have fun, get drunk and cover myself in glitter to shine under the multicolored lights and embarrass myself to some rav

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Full Article
about 5 hours ago

Someone snuck onto my porch to steal my umbrella : Full Article
Local news from Reddit (Norfolk)
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