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over 1 year ago

How much it costs to live in Joburg’s inner-city – and other popular suburbs : Full Article
about 1 month ago

Gillooly's interchange shutdown postponed : Full Article
about 1 year ago

Joburg's Tshimologong Precinct signs partnership with France's SACEM and INA - : Full Article
2 days ago

My brother said this has that friend from high-school trying to get you in a pyramid scheme type energy! XD Hope you enjoy :) : Full Article
10 days ago

Landfill : Pre-1994 Johannesburg used to be a growing first world city and economic hub of Africa. Through the efforts of the communist ANC it has been turned into the rape and murder capitol of South-Africa and rates very high in those stats in world terms. Driving through the city center, it also resembles a landfill in smells and detritus. That is the whole truth about Johannesburg, a city I loved growing up and as a young man, but would rather not set foot in for disgust and the real possibility of being murdered. Full Article
8 days ago

Uncensored Hollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s : Hi, r/johannesburg! I’m a PhD student in the United States working on an interviewing project about uncensored Hollywood films in Johannesburg between the years 1955-1970. Do you or anyone you know remember watching uncensored versions of Hollywood movies that had been censored by the Publications Control Board? If so, my research team would be very interested to hear from you. Thanks! Full Article
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