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10 months ago

How much notice does a landlord have to provide before an eviction in hurricane affected areas? I was given 30 days but I heard it was 90. The new owners want to renovate the property even though there is zero damage.
Renter in Upper Grand Lagoon, FL, USA
Eviction Process
7 months ago

For Colorado Springs , Tenant-Landlord laws explained well in below link. (copy & paste the link in your browser)
Renter in Lutz, FL, USA
Returning Security Deposit
10 months ago

I need help trying to figure out who to call I'm on disability and I've been having problems since December cant ise my kitchen since January and now infested with rats dont have anywhere to go as I have a large family but landlord wont fix anything lease up in July but this still isn't right
Renter in Saint Petersburg, FL, USA
8 months ago

Was served a hand written 3 day pay or evuct .. five days before my rent due date , and lease states I have five day grace period .
Renter in Inverness, FL, USA
Improper Reasons for Eviction
about 5 hours ago

Police investigating undetermined death on Northside : Police are expected to release further details about the incident at 10:10 a.m. Full Article
Local news from Firstcoastnews.Com
2 days ago

Man arrested for taking, pawning deceased father's possessions : In December of 2018, 49-year-old Mark Davis moved in with his mother after his father died. Less than two years later, Davis is now in jail for taking and pawning several of his mother's and father's possessions without permission, police say. Some of the items Davis is accused of stealing and Full Article
Local news from Cbs 4

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