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6 months ago

Ciudad de La Plata | The City of Diagonals | Travel Argentina 🇦🇷 : Full Article
12 days ago

What area would you recommend for a three month stay for an artist/musician? : Hi all, I stayed in Palermo before and it was great, but I have the feeling that there must be another area that is cool but less touristy. I hear Villa Crespo is cool... any other suggestions where a person could stay that wants to be around a slightly more authentic nightlife scene? Full Article
15 days ago

Is there a website to hire people for temp administrative gigs? Like Taskrabbit or something similar? : I'm doing some family history research and I need to get a hold of things like Church registries which you have to go physically there to look at. I'd want to hire someone to go there, get the info send it back but its on a temp basis. Is there a good option to be able to do that? Full Article
about 1 month ago

Law student experience in BA? (alguien estudia derecho en BA?) : ESP: Buenas, estoy interesado en saber sobre la vida del estudiante típico de derecho en Baires. Específicamente: Cuál es el proceso general? (incluyendo el ingreso y exámenes importantes durante la carrera) Qué clases tomás? (y cuáles son las más interesantes en tu opinión?) Cómo son los deberes y exámenes? Cómo funciona el internado/la pasantía? Cómo son las personalidades de los estudiantes? ENG: Hello, I am interested in find

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Full Article
23 days ago

What are the best steakhouses in Buenos Aires? : In terms of meat taste. I care about nothing else. Full Article
about 2 months ago

Te muestro el tutorial oficial del juego TCG - Indommus: Reyes Destronados : Full Article
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