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about 2 months ago

Let this be a warning to others. Sean Mirsaidi was basically given his post as manager BC Paul (old manager) thought he was a good guy even though he had no experience in property management whatsoever. Paul has since expressed deep regret at placing a vindictive, power tripping sociopath at the helm because since Sean has taken over, there has been copious amounts of complaints of Sean behaving totally unprofessionally, often resorting to bullying and intimidation if he doesn't get his way. My more
Renter in Los Angeles, CA, USA
2 months ago

I moved in to this apartment 3/15/19 (note* these apts. built in 1971-72). Within the first week of April I went to apartment office to speak about a musty odor throughout the apartment, especially noticeable in the bedroom. I expressed my concerns about the possibility of hidden mold. That day the prop. mgr came to the apt. with me, we walked to bedroom and she said that is smells like "old paint" ( note, apt. was JUST PAINTED! carelessly at that) we talked more about the odor she walked around more
Renter in New Albany, IN, USA
3 months ago

A 1 star review of Amber Grove by Allgoodtome J.:

Shi Torres & Roysha Dheer-Taylor
And complete VILE MONSTERS &

They lie constantly and make you the LIAR! more
Renter in Sacramento, CA, USA
about 1 month ago

AH FUCK THIS PLACE FUCK THE FUCKING MANAGER. He's some low lvl scum, people!! Unless you have the time to get familiar with housing laws (because the manager constantly breaks them) than find another place to live. That piece of trash really is a psychotic liar and tries to make a buck anywhere he can from fucking students. I'm sure he's the worse business person/manager west LA has ever seen. No, I'm pretty sure he's just the worse human being around here. Yeah once I thought he was cools n more
Renter in Los Angeles, CA, USA
24 days ago

Since moving here in Aug. I have not had a days peace! I have yet to feel safe! I have beenbroken into 3 times and have had several items come up missing. I was told to always call the office first , & they will tell me what to do. Iwas told if I wanted to file a police report I could! but it wouldn't have anything to do w/aprt. so, feeling like a full foel after waiting all wkennd.... I did not file! 1st 2 times I have witness 1 of the times the intrudors.... Shaved my kitty cats tail! I more
Renter in Port Arthur, TX, USA
Withholding Rent Until Repairs Made
3 months ago

This is one of the worst areas of town to live in. Expect cock roaches and bed bugs as roommates, no matter how clean you are. The apartments are a decent price, however they hire untrustworthy ex-cons to watch over the place and protect their residents. One security guard in particular sexually harasses the female tenants, using his tenure and authority to take advantage whenever possible. Property management is not friendly. Because the management is corrupt, there are too many evictions. Former 2018 through 2019 tenant who experienced all of the above.
Renter in Las Vegas, NV, USA
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