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about 2 months ago

Failed City code inspection, refused to make habital repairs, harassment and threats, and retaliation by eviction notice because I had to call City Code Enforcement. Positive black mold found and tested by my Mold company. Landlord uses many aliases One of which is Steve Saffian and uses fictitious management company name. The only address given was a PO box and only number given goes straight to a voice mail. Have currently been harassed by his family members of whom I know nothing of and has made terroristic threats threatening to expose us to COVID19 during this crisis. He also illegally moved our neighbors belonging into a storage unit when a pipe burst and he locked her out during the moratorium restrictions on evictions leaving her to have to deplete her savings at hotels with her 2 kids. She is a disabled veteran who never had a late payment. Landlord ignored flooding for 3 days and due to extensive damage caused by his negligence decided to be above the law and take it upon himself to lack her out of the property. He accepted rent payment just 1 week prior to illegal removal of this tenant.
Renter in San Diego, CA, USA

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