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about 1 year ago

This is one of the worst areas of town to live in. Expect cock roaches and bed bugs as roommates, no matter how clean you are. The apartments are a decent price, however they hire untrustworthy ex-cons to watch over the place and protect their residents. One security guard in particular sexually harasses the female tenants, using his tenure and authority to take advantage whenever possible. Property management is not friendly. Because the management is corrupt, there are too many evictions. Former 2018 through 2019 tenant who experienced all of the above.
Renter in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Yes I live in Pahrump, my landlord doesn't respect the law or even building code violations, she does what she feels like. I'm ready to take her to court, cause she will be exposed also they know her here and I feel that she needs to be exposed for the slum Lord she is ..
Renter in Pahrump, NV, USA

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