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10 months ago

Are landlords required to paint the walls, paint chiped walls, fix sinks that are ready to break, fix moving toilets, rust underneath the bathroom sinker, bathtubs that are chiped on the bottom of the tub, holes in walls, elect. Sockets don't work, a brown colored water comes out of the tub faucet, no water pressure, a gestation of cockroach, door has chipped wood, as if the termites got a hold of it, screen tore apart, cabinets have same picture on them, from the last tenant, kids room light and dark blue, an when you turn off lights the ceiling glows in the dark, kitchen as no curtains, stove only has one burner that works, had to replace refrig., roaches made themselves at home in it, the elect. Socket dose not work in kitchen, which is suppose to be where I would plug the refrig. In, but have to use extention cord to plug the refrig. In, living room is a real color on one side, peach color on the other side of the wall, no woodstrips on the entry doors?

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