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8 months ago

Hello my landlord was actually in trouble for trespassing and was told twice by police before he took the hint. It's not winter, normally after clearing the snow in the parking lot they would pile the snow in my front covering my front exit, actually needing to bericate my door to prevent it front popping open. However my daughter started school and we need the front entrance available. My landlord does not feel responsible for making sure the front path to our front exit is cleared from snow piling or ice as well as my exterior door wouldnt open causing my kid to miss her school bus and now that I do have it open it will not close. I reported this to my landlord yesterday and she said she will get to it when they feel like it and I have to let them in asap when the time comes. I asked for a 24 hr notice and a date and time and she wont respond back. I messaged her yesterday about the issue and took a screen shot that she read my msg and avoided my answer until the next day. What should I do as I woke up freezing from my door not closing, also it's open for anyone to access and I live on a main busy st. My child is 4.
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