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8 months ago

I'm not found on Google maps, the address I have is the back house 605 oildale #b, and so I asked to see the certificate of occupancy,🤗😯😶and also feel threatened, but not to my face, just sounds and stuff from the other neighbors. Then I realized that I am literally surrounded, all boxed in here , can be good or bad , but my farhas been tampered with on several occasions. Currently I actually feel as though my dogs and I are stuck. i cannot feel home, and have since withheld rent . Then the extra noises and person almost demand ivgo.. or pay rent! And not sure if I can without a car, .Dogs cannot go to the park as this area has lots of strays and nothing grows here.. One day at a time. The rats and opposum are thick and gnawing all night. The maintenance give out sticky traps for roaches and rats, once... Want to return to the city building but unable to get there ....I know the instant I go the licks will be changed and they have parked 2 moving trailers in the driveway outside of here. Also I have received 3 pay or quit notices....none stamped by the courts. My plan is to get my car working and live in it...far away from this half built garage/ space
Renter in Bakersfield, CA, USA

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