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13 days ago

Israel is a self-admitted terrorist organization : In 2016, Israel Passed the Combatting Terrorism Law, 5776-2016. Under this law, if an action has a political motive, is carried out to force a foreign country to refrain from doing an act, and harms the infrastructure of that country, it is a “terrorist act”. A “terrorist organization” is defined as a group that perpetrates “terrorist acts” OR a group that assists a “terrorist organization” (Source). Under Israeli law, the Syrian rebels are a terrorist organization that commits terrorist acts. Obviously, they have the political motive of establishing a new Syrian government. They fight Assad’s forces to get Assad to refrain from ruling the country. Sometimes, they target civilians and attempt to blame the deaths on Assad to further this cause. Obviously, indiscriminate rocket warfare used by the Syrian rebels harms the infrastructure of the country. I’m not trying to praise Assad here or anything like that, I’m just showing that the Syrian rebels are a terrorist organization under Israeli law. And since Israel assists the Syrian rebels, the state of Israel is a terrorist organization under its own law. In conclusion, Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be guillotined on top of the Western Wall for heading a terrorist organization. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Full Article
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